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Cold forging is an advanced manufacturing technology with high quality, high efficiency and low consumption. Cold forging products have the characteristics of dense material, continuous metal streamline, high fatigue strength, small subsequent cutting allowance, and even net shape forming. In mass production It has the advantage of low cost, and has the advantages of saving materials and energy, and is widely used in the mass production of radiators, motor housings, mining machinery, electric motorcycles and auto parts.

What is Cold Forging

In the metal manufacturing industry, there are many forming processes that are used. But cold forging, also called cold extrusion, is among the most popular methods. That's because of the many benefits it offers over most of the available processes, such as hot forging, among others. Cold forging is one of the manufacturing processes that take fewer steps to produce a product. As the name suggests, cold extrusion is performed at room temperature. So, it's simply a volume forming process that's carried out below the metal's crystallization temperature. So you don't need to invest in the expensive medium-frequency induction heating to heat the blanks. With that, it means that you will be spending less energy on the entire manufacturing process with this method. This is one of the biggest reasons cold forging is growing popular. Cold extrusion basically works the same way as the stamping process. You need to force to work on the workpiece to produce the required product. The setup includes three main elements -the material, molds/dies, and the press equipment. The material used could be any metal. This includes steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, among others. The mold or dies differs depending on the shape and the size of the product being formed.

The Advantages of Cold Forging

Cold forging or cold extrusion is growing popular because of the many advantages it process offers. There are many reasons manufacturers prefer cold forging over hot forging, precision forging, temperature extrusion, and so on. One of the advantages of cold forging is higher energy saving compared to other available options. As mentioned above, cold forging works at room temperature. So, you don't need to pre-heat the material or workpiece you are working on as hot forging. This means the total energy needed to manufacture products is reduced with cold extrusion. That makes the method economical for manufacturers and cheaper tools. The other advantage of cold forging is surface finish quality. With this cold extrusion, you produce products that need very little or no finishing at all. This means you will be avoiding most of the costs associated with the finishing work. So, if you are in the business, this means more money and affordable products. Another advantage of cold forging is material saving. Unlike most of the manufacturing processing methods, cold extrusion produces near-net shapes. It means you will be having very little or no material wasted during the entire manufacturing process. You will save money on the cost of material and hence, more profits than hot forging. The other benefit of cold forging is close dimensional tolerance.

  • Socket Wrench and Fastening Tools
  • Cold Forging Gear
  • Goal Mining Bits
  • Spline Gear
  • Aluminum Radiator

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