The Enlightenment Of The Development Of Electric Vehicles

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October 12, 2021

The Enlightenment Of The Development Of Electric Vehicles

Increasing the endurance and reducing the impact on the power grid during charging is a bottleneck in the development of electric vehicles. The application scenarios of electric vehicles in the cold regions of the north are unsatisfactory, which is a problem for the development of electric vehicles.

From the current situation, based on these problems encountered in the development of electric vehicles, we should think about it. But in any case, the development of electric vehicles is realistic. The electric vehicle manufacturing industry is an industry that needs to be continuously improved and progressed.

In addition, the development of electric vehicles will inevitably bring about a change in the power supply. As stated Politburo meeting held on April 2023, 4 – “It is necessary to consolidate and expand the development advantages of new energy vehicles, accelerate the construction of charging piles, energy storage and other facilities and the transformation of supporting power grids.”

Based on the needs of the manufacturing development of electric vehicles and the adaptive construction of power supply systems, the forging, stamping, sheet metal and fabrication industries are facing challenges and opportunities.

Electric vehicles themselves have many parts that need innovative production. The power supply have cables and accessories, electronic control system equipment, charging piles, and charging stations. There are power storage (hydrogen production, etc.), power generation equipment and power transmission systems.

So other industries will have new developments. For this reason, the existing forging, stamping, sheet metal and production enterprises can find new areas. They must find new products and bravely eliminate the past into a new realm. Therefore, industry enterprises must solve these problems.

Years of practice have proved that the existing forging, stamping, sheet metal and production enterprises treat new fields with negative emotions, doubt, hesitation, and delay timing has become law. At this time, there will be some new enterprises emerge or some existing ones.

As usual, difficult survival enterprises developed rapidly, and these “stepping” enterprises often develop rapidly. Those hesitant past good enterprises due to the deep “industry involvement” and slow action will lose a chance to be reborn. This is probably also a kind of “life and death” curse for enterprises.

As far as the current development of electric vehicles, it is obvious that you can feel that the application research of light alloys, high-strength steels and high-strength composite materials is becoming increasingly hot. As production and manufacturing gradually expand, there is a trend of great development. This round of development not only changes the cognition of the development of the traditional automobile industry. It will also begin to impact the living space of some traditional steel products in this industry. Therefore, take this trend seriously as it attracts the attention of the traditional forging, stamping, sheet metal and production industry. It is not whether it will come but how fast and fierce it comes.

Don’t use existing technology and your understanding of technology to deny the areas you don’t understand. This is probably common sense that all business people in the car manufacturing should have. The market is changing, and the traditional production industry will have to conform to the changes.


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