Our company

Zhejiang Cxin Forging Technology Co., Ltd is located in Lishui, China, with many years of production experience in precision parts cold forging (cold extrusion).

Cxin Forging Technology supplies cold extrusion products for a large number of European and American parts enterprises. In order to better serve customers in Europe, the company will set up the European office in 2021.

Enterprise Vision

Our Vision is committed to promoting the development of cold forging energy-saving technology, master more advanced cold forging die design, and development technology.

We are committed to forging process automation, systematization, and digital development, as always, to provide customers with more cost-effective products.

To Provide More Competitive Options for Precision Parts Manufacturing!

Development History of The Company

  • 11 October 13Establishment of JYF Machinery

    Engaged in construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, environmental protection machinery parts manufacturing and sales.
  • 08 September 18Cold Extrusion Production Department Established

    Due to strict requirements on product quality and better control of cold extrusion product supply cycle, cold extrusion equipment was introduced to set up cold extrusion manufacturing department.
  • 28 June 2020Establishment of Cxin Forging

    Spun off the cold extrusion manufacturing department and established Zhejiang Cxin Forging Technology Co., Ltd with European customers.