Cold Extrusion Technology In Mining Bits Production

Mining Bits Production

Application Of Cold Extrusion Technology In Mining Bits Production

The mining industry continues to grow big as more and more companies invest in this field. This has created a high demand for Drilling equipment wear parts. Among the highly demanded parts are the mining bits. The demand has made the industry to improve the technology that can produce faster and maintain high-quality parts. There are many technologies used in manufacturing mining bits, but extrusion is widely used. For the longest time, hot forging or hot extrusion has been the choice of production. But the new cold extrusion technology has taken the industry by storm. This is because of the numerous benefits it offers over other extrusion technologies. As the name suggests, cold forging works at room temperature. In some cases, the temperature of the material may be elevated marginally to make it easy for the extruder machine. You don’t need to heat the metal you are constructing mining bit from. That’s what makes this forming technology popular with manufacturers. Cold forging is among the most advanced extrusion technologies and plastic deformation processing. The whole set up has been simplified, unlike the traditional hot forging process. It is also important to mention that the cold extrusion technology has reduced the overall cost of producing mining bits.

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How Cold Extrusion Works in Producing Mining Bits

The working mechanism of cold extruding mining bits is more like the stamping process. First, you need a good cold extrusion machine. In this case, you need a hydraulic press machine for cold extrusion. These are machines designed to handle various types of cold extrusion forming. They come in all sizes, depending on the size of the mining bits you want to construct. The larger the bits, the larger the machine you need. The cold extrusion set has three parts – the material, moulds/dies, and the press equipment. The press machine or the hydraulic press machine for cold extrusion has a punch, die, and press chambers. Depending on the shape and size of the mining bits being manufactured, the dies and punch can change. So you might need different types of dies and punches to manufacture different bits. Once the billet or block of metal being formed is ready, it is put in an enclosed press chamber with a stationary die. The punch then applies force on the billet so that it can produce the plastic deformation. Once the metal has produced the plastic deformation, it becomes easy to turn it into the desired shape and size.

Advantages of Cold Extrusion in Mining Bits Production

There are many advantages that come with investing in cold forging technology. Unlike the traditional methods, the technology enables for cheaper production of the mining bits. The forming technology does not need the oxidation process, which cuts the cost of production by a huge percentage. Cold forging produces high strength bits due to cold working. The structural property of the metal is not tampered with during the process. So, the mechanical property of the milling bits is the best with this technology. Therefore, you can expect to produce bits that withstand tough mining conditions. The other benefit you get from cold extrusion is net-shaped features. The technology produces a good surface finish, and thus you don’t need to do refinishing work. This means you will spend less money and time to produce these parts. Another benefit that’s making most manufacturers go for cold forging is mass production. Compared to the traditional methods, cold extrusion has higher production. This makes it ideal for mass production.

In conclusion, we use cold forging or impact extrusion to produce highly complex cold forged parts in one or more pressing operations. Mechanical finish, annealing, and surface coating complete the service range. Our cold forged parts are structurally superior and very cost-effective. Therefore they are widely used in all kinds of fields, from industrial machines to automobiles, ships, and aeroplanes. In close cooperation with our customers, the desired parts are developed to the mass-production stage and then cold-forged on hydraulic presses according to the blueprints. If you are interested in cold extrusion or cold forging and need a free quotation, please contact us. We will provide you with a series of cold forging solutions.

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