Cold Extrusion Technology In Gear Production

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Application Of Cold Extrusion Technology In Gear Production

Gears are a crucial part of all moving machines. They are used in a vast range of machines, including automobiles and transmission equipment, among many others. If you haven’t known how your car or motorbike changes speed, now know that gears are responsible for it.

Gears have, over the years, been produced using forging technology. For the longest, hot forging has been the main technology because of plastic deformation. However, heating increases the cost of gear. But the invention of cold forging or cold extrusion has made the production of gears easy and cheap.

Cold extrusion, also referred to as cold forging, is among the most advanced forging technologies in the industry today. Over the recent pasts, the technology has gained popularity because of the many benefits over traditional forming technologies. That’s why most manufacturers of machine parts are going for it.

As the name suggests, cold extrusion is a forging technology done at room temperature. This means working on the metal at its natural temperature. Unlike the hot forging where you are supposed to heat the workpiece first, this one you don’t. You take the material you want to gears from and extrude it directly.

What cold extrusion does is increase the speed of manufacturing gears. It creates more finished products, which reduces the cost of production. These are just some of the reasons why it has grown popular with manufacturers.

How Cold Extrusion Works In Gear Production

The cold extrusion has made the manufacturer of parts east and fast. The setup for this production is simpler than the traditional forging methods. As mentioned, there is no preheating of the billet before forming the gears. So, how does this process works?

The first thing you need to do is to get the right cold extrusion machine. The market has a vast range of options for you. But we highly recommend the hydraulic press machines for cold extrusion because cold forging is more of a stamping forming.

Apart from the machine, you need to get the right die or mold for the kind of gears you want to produce. Then, you need to get the right material. Gears are mostly made from high strength and hard metals.

Now that you have everything you need, you can start the cold extrusion process. The process starts by checking your hydraulic press machines for cold extrusion. Ensure everything is working fine. Then place the mould into the stationary press chamber and set the right hydraulic force for pressing.

Place the material in the press chamber and against the mould/die. Then using the punch, press the metallic material against the die to produce plastic deformation. That’s when the deformed metal takes the shape and size of mould to produce the desired gear. That’s how gears are produced.

Using different sizes of moulds enables you to produce a range of gear sizes. If you just need one size and shape, then the cold extrusion technology is perfect for mass production.

Advantages Of Cold Forging In Producing Gears

Cold extrusion has grown popular in the manufacturing industry because of the many benefits over other methods. One of the benefits it offers is the fast production process. For example, you will not do heating and oxidation steps in cold forging.

The reduced cost of manufacturing is another benefit of cold forging gears. With reduced steps in production means saving cast of producing these parts. In addition to this, cold forging produces gears with finer finish than hot forging.

Cold extrusion technology also produces high strength and harder gears than most of the other forming methods. Therefore, you can expect to produce tools that withstand tough conditions and lasts longer.

At Cold Forging China, we use cold forging or impact extrusion to produce highly complex cold forged parts in one or more pressing operations. We do mechanical finish, annealing, and the surface coating completes our service range.

Our cold forged parts are structurally superior, cost-effective, and are widely used in all fields, from industrial machines, automobiles, ships, to aeroplanes. We work closely with our customers so as to produce the desired parts. Whether you need a large volume, we can do mass-production according to your blueprints.

If you are interested in cold extrusion or cold forging and need a free quotation, please contact us. We will provide you with a series of cold forging solutions.

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